How to Do Underarm Waxing

image001 Waxing is a semi-permanent hair removal technique by removing the hair from the root. With this technique, new hair will not grow in this area for 2-8 weeks after the treatment, though some may see new growth in as little as a week. Underarm waxing can be easily done at home, following several steps and tips.

When to Do Underarm Waxing

  • Replace Shaving. Women often shave their arms very frequently to rid themselves of coarse, unsightly underarm hair. Unlike shaving, waxing can be done infrequently to achieve the same results. You can easily use wax approximately every two weeks depending on your hair’s natural growth cycle, rather than having to shave every day.
  • Prevent Underarm Hair. When you shave, you may still have the appearance of hair in the armpits, commonly known as the “4 o’clock shadow.” This is commonly caused by the individual failing to get a close shave in this area. Underarm waxing removes this risk because you will be removing all of the hairs in the armpit rather than cutting them shorter, removing any risk that you will have the appearance of hair in this area.
  • Present in Special Events. If you will be at a special event where you will need to wear a sleeveless or strapless dress you may want your underarms to be completely devoid of hair. Having stubble or hair in the underarms can be embarrassing. Waxing the underarms will provide you with a smoother appearance that will photograph well and allow you to look your best.

How to Do Underarm Waxing

Before waxing, gather any necessary materials so you will not be interrupted. Make sure you have a washcloth and soap or an exfoliating scrub, baby powder, a waxing kit, baby oil or aloe vera.

  • Step 1. Exfoliate the area by gently rubbing it with a soapy washcloth or an exfoliating scrub. Insure the armpits are dry. If necessary, apply a layer of baby powder on the skin to rid the area of excess moisture.
  • Step 2. Heat the wax according to package instructions. Check the temperature of the wax by using it on the inside of the wrist to insure that it is spreadable but will not burn you before applying it to the armpit.
  • Step 3. Use the spatula that came with your waxing kit to spread a layer of the wax in the direction of the growth of the hairs. Do a small area of skin at a time, around one by two inches. It is common for armpit hair to grow in multiple directions within one section, so you may need to wax these areas more than once.
  • Step 4. Place a strip on the wax, pressing down to ensure that it had adhered properly. In a swift motion, pull this strip off in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Removing the strip quickly is the key to avoiding pain and removing an adequate amount of hair. Repeat this process until you have waxed the whole armpit.
  • Step 5. Use tweezers to remove any stray hairs the wax did not remove. Apply a soothing product like baby oil or aloe vera to soothe the waxed area.

Here is a video to tell the safety precautions and show a demo of underarm waxing.

Tips on Underarm Waxing

1. Before Waxing

  • You do not want the armpit hair to be shorter than a fourth of an inch when you are waxing. Trim any hair that is excessively long or wait a few days if your hair is too short.
  • If your armpits are sweaty the wax will not adhere properly. Make sure you wash the armpit carefully and pat it dry to avoid this disturbance. Applying talcum powder before you begin waxing can help absorb this excess moisture. This may also ensure that your waxing will not be as painful.

2. During Waxing

  • Stretch the arm straight before you start waxing to ensure that the skin in the armpit is tight. This will ensure that you have clear access to all of the hair in this area.
  • Applying a wax lotion with a piece of clean cotton wool after waxing will help to break down any remaining waxy residue. This will reduce the discomfort of your waxing and the risk that you will develop an irritation or infection after the waxing.

3. After Waxing

  • Make a point of wearing loose clothing after you have waxed the armpits to avoid irritation. Avoid using deodorant, antiperspirant, talcum powder or self-tanning products that may irritate the skin, including soaps that contain perfumes.

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