Olive Oil on Face

Olive oil has been considered a natural beauty treatment for centuries. This mild, pure and natural substance comes from pressing the fruits of the olive tree. Olive oil has no chemicals, which means that unlike many of today's modern skin care products, there are absolutely no side effects. In fact, olive oil is an absolutely perfect choice for skin care. You can appply olive oil on face to see the improvement in your skin.

In addition to the cleansing properties of olive oil, the oil also protects and moisturizes for smooth, soft skin. Olive oil contains antioxidants that can go a long way toward health and beauty, including improving skin tone, helping scars fade and balancing the oils in your skin, thus turning even oily skin into what is considered "normal."

How to Use Olive Oil on Face

Though it might be tempting to use basic olive oil that you can buy from any grocery store, keep in mind that this particular type of olive oil doesn't have the essential things you need to really take care of your skin. Opt for a virgin or extra virgin olive oilthat is imported from Spain. Why does this matter? Olive oil from Spain is the purest possible oil, with no blends, no additives, and nothing in it that might irritate your skin. You will pay a higher price for it, but it is definitely superior for facial cleansing and moisturizing than any oils from Italy or Greece.

Before you leap into using olive oil on your face, remember: you should never use olive oil and then wash it off with soap. When you do so, the soap strips away the oil, thus leaving you right where you began. When you use olive oil, never follow up with soap!

1. Moisturize

Olive oil can reach deep into the skin and leave it feeling smooth and silky. The antioxidants-vitamin E and vitamin A-also protect the skin from skin exposure. When using it to moisturize, massage the olive oil gently into your skin while it is still damp. This can help prevent your skin from feeling greasy. More importantly, your skin got rich moisture by applying olive oil on face.

2. Exfoliate

Mix extra-virgin olive oil with fine sea salt to form a paste, then apply to your face. Gently rub in a circular motion, taking care not to rub too deeply. Follow up the exfoliation with a simple rinse of warm water.

3. Promote Elasticity

When olive oil is massaged deeply into the skin of your face and neck, it helps promote elasticity, which then reduces wrinkles and helps prevent new ones from forming. Massage olive oil into your skin on a regular basis to get this benefit. Don't forget that you can also reap benefits by ingesting olive oil.

4. Remove Makeup

If you like to wear makeup, olive oil makes a great way to remove it without harsh chemicals. Simply dab some olive oil on a face pad or cotton ball, then use it to gently rub the area where you want to remove the makeup.

5. Cure Acne

Adding more oil to your acne-ridden face might sound counter-intuitive, but it really does work. Start by massaging olive oil into your face, focusing on the problem areas. Then place a wet, hot washcloth over your face for a long moment, allowing the heat to open up the pores and soak away the olive oil. Repeat with the hot towel treatment, this time rubbing it over your face in a gentle motion. Pat your skin dry, apply more olive oil, then gently blot it with a clean paper towel.

6. Wash Face

You can also cleanse your face with olive oil. Start by massaging the oil into the skin of your face (for 2-3 minutes), taking care to get into the creases and lines. Then use a hot towel to help it soak in by placing the towel over your face for ten minutes. Remove the towel, then splash your face with cold water. Dry your skin by patting with a towel - don't rub!

7. Use as Face Masks

Olive oil can be used to make a face mask for various types of skin. This face mask will not only help cleanse and brighten the skin, it will serve as a deep moisturizer as well. Here's how to use it for various skin types:

  • Normal Skin. To create this mask, use half a cup of cucumber oil, half a cup of curd and a half tablespoon of olive oil. Blend it all together and apply to the face, leaving it there for fifteen minutes. Wash it all away with lukewarm water. Do this once a week for soft, supple skin.
  • Dry Skin. Mix together one egg yolk, one tablespoon flour and one half tablespoon olive oil. Add more olive oil if necessary to make the paste thin enough to spread on your face. Apply it to your skin and leave it there for twenty minutes, then wash away with lukewarm water. Don't forget to moisturize with olive oil when you're done! This should be done twice a week for best results.
  • Oily Skin. This very cleansing mask uses one cup of oatmeal, sea salts, half cup of sour milk and a half tablespoon of olive oil mixed together to form a paste. Apply to your face for fifteen minutes, then rinse away with lukewarm water.
  • All Skin Types. If you have combination skin, try this face mask with olive oil: Mix a tablespoon of sandalwood powder and half teaspoon of turmeric together, then add enough milk to create a paste. Put this on your face and leave it there for about half an hour, then wash away with lukewarm water. Don't forget to use olive oil as a moisturizer when you're done.

If you are looking for more tips on how to massage olive oil on face, this video can show you how:

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