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Feb 11, 2015

Hot Flashes in Men

Hot flashes in men do happen. It can be caused be hormone disorders, food irritation and underlying diseases. We give you detailed causes and treatments. more »

Jan 29, 2015

Natural Remedies for Erection Problems

Erection problems can be very embarrassing for men. Here are 10 natural remedies for erection problems and medical treatments which can treat this problem and improve your sex life. more »

Jan 29, 2015

Heart Attack Symptoms in Men

Heart attack symptoms in men are normally reported in sedentary and middle-aged individuals. Learning about the symptoms and emergent care can help prevent serious complications. more »

Jan 26, 2015

Swollen Testicles

Swollen testicles can be caused by hydrocele, Injury, inguinal hernia, orchitis, STDs, urethritis and testicular cancer. Learn more causes and treatments here. more »

Jan 22, 2015

Prostate Problems: Signs, Types and Prevention

Prostate problems are not always cancer, but it is important to get tested to determine how best to treat them. You can do lots of things to prevent prostate problems. more »

Editor's Pick:

How to Choose Best Running Shoes for Bad Knees

You should choose the best running shoes for bad knees that fit your feet type perfectly. Here're also tips for neutral runners when choosing the best running shoes.

Burp Smells Like Poop: Why and What to Do

Burp smells like poop? Ugh! It can be caused by reasons like wrong food patterns and medication use. Find your causes and use our 4 methods to crack it.

Is Eating Lunch Meat While Pregnant Safe?

Lunch meat has bacteria that can cause listeriosis. Eating undercooked lunch meat while pregnant is not safe, so try to eliminate it or eat after thoroughly cooked.

How to Deal With Autism

Feel disconnected with your autistic kid? Here we each you how to deal with autism, communicate with autistic kid and further your understanding of autism.

Night Terrors in Adults

Night terrors in adults are rare but will happen. It makes you terrified and wake suddenly. Find causes, symptoms and treatments for adult night terrors here.

Dealing With Teenage Depression

Teenage depression is a persistent feeling of melancholy and sadness. Learn teen depression symptoms, suicidal signs and how to deal with the depression here.

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