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Jan 26, 2015

High Acidic Foods

Consuming too many high acidic foods can lower the body’s pH which can be bad for your health. Here comes with a list of foods that are high in acidity that should be avoided. more »

Jan 26, 2015

What to Eat after Food Poisoning

Food poisoning can strike at any time for all people. Get to Know what to eat after food poisoning to ease the symptoms associated with the sickness. more »

Jan 26, 2015

What to Eat When You're Sick

What to eat when sick could be a challenge as it can be difficult to get a full meal down. But these 10 food to eat when sick and 9 tips for how to eat can surely help you out. more »

Jan 26, 2015

Honey for Weight Loss

Honey for weight loss is widely used. Here we conclude the benefits of and precautions for using honey for weight loss and how to use honey for weight loss. more »

Jan 26, 2015

Calories in Glazed Donut

Afraid of calories in glazed donuts but tempted by its taste and flavor? Know its calories facts and recipes of low calories glazed donuts solve the problem. more »

Jan 26, 2015

Coconut Milk Nutrition

Coconut milk nutrition benefits our lung, heart, digestion and so on. Know more benefits of coconut milk, how to use it and some precautions here. more »

Editor's Pick:

How to Choose Best Running Shoes for Bad Knees

You should choose the best running shoes for bad knees that fit your feet type perfectly. Here're also tips for neutral runners when choosing the best running shoes.

Burp Smells Like Poop: Why and What to Do

Burp smells like poop? Ugh! It can be caused by reasons like wrong food patterns and medication use. Find your causes and use our 4 methods to crack it.

Is Eating Lunch Meat While Pregnant Safe?

Lunch meat has bacteria that can cause listeriosis. Eating undercooked lunch meat while pregnant is not safe, so try to eliminate it or eat after thoroughly cooked.

How to Deal With Autism

Feel disconnected with your autistic kid? Here we each you how to deal with autism, communicate with autistic kid and further your understanding of autism.

Night Terrors in Adults

Night terrors in adults are rare but will happen. It makes you terrified and wake suddenly. Find causes, symptoms and treatments for adult night terrors here.

Dealing With Teenage Depression

Teenage depression is a persistent feeling of melancholy and sadness. Learn teen depression symptoms, suicidal signs and how to deal with the depression here.

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