Calorie Counter Watch

image001 People who want to maintain or improve their body weight often also want to track down the amount of calories they burn during physical activity. Calorie counter watch is often used for this purpose and it offers the convenience of being worn on the wrist like a regular wristwatch. This calorie-counting device is one of the latest advances in technology that is involved in weight loss strategies. Know the basics of calorie counter watch to better include them into your health plan.

Why do You Need a Calorie Watch?

Many people do their workouts without knowing if they are meeting their weight loss goals in terms of calories burned. Using a calorie counter watch can guide you during workout sessions to make them more productive. This tool helps you achieve specific goals by telling you how much you have done and how much more effort is needed to achieve your objectives. In this way, the calorie counter watch can increase your motivation to realize concrete goals and reward you with personal satisfaction as you reach them.

How Does a Calorie Counter Watch Work?

The calorie counter watch with a pedometer works by counting the number of steps, the length of your strides, and the distance covered during workouts. Data is converted into the number of calories burned, and from this information, you can judge if you are meeting your weight loss goals. The accuracy of the results depends on the input of information. A calorie counter watch with a pulse monitor bases its estimation of calories burned by the number of heartbeats resulting from exercise.

1. Calorie Calculation

A calorie counter watch is often incorporated with a device called a pedometer, which senses hip movements and steps taken during workouts. The input of information is translated as an estimation of the calories you burn during exercise.

2. Pulse Rate Monitoring

In addition, calorie counter watches often monitor pulse rate, which reflects the number of beats of the heart during activity. More advanced models convert the readings of your pulse, breathing, and movements into graphical representations of calories burned, which can be seen on the screen of the calorie counter watch.

3. Display in Graphs and Charts

Some calorie counter watches can be connected to your computer to display detailed information in the form of graphs and charts describing the results of your exercise routine. These devices can give you an idea if you are burning enough calories, as you need to balance your calorie intake. Watch a video about calorie counting heart rate monitor watch and detailed instructions

How Much Does a Calorie Counter Watch Cost?

Like any other sports instrument or electronic device, the cost of a calorie counter watch may vary with the features the watch possesses.
  • A basic and simple calorie counter watch would probably cost between $30 - $80. Strapless watches may cost even less.
  • Medium-priced calorie counter watches may include measurements of pace and distance travelled and may have fun features like an FM Radio. These could cost you some $100 - $200.
  • High-end models with graphical annotations, MP3, and GPS features on top of the basics may cost more than $200.

Which Type of Calorie Counter Watch Can You Choose?

Depending on the functions and features you need and your budget for a calorie counter watch, you could choose from these types:

1. Basic and Inexpensive Watches

Inexpensive calorie counter watches are not necessarily of poor quality – some can be highly rated even by experts. For example, the Pro Form Heart Rate Monitor and Calorie Counter Watch (PROFORM 11048) is a basic model that monitors heart rate and counts calories burned. It sells for $64. The Tech4O Accelerator Runner RM1 ($65) tracks pace, distance, time travelled, and amount of calories burned. A similarly priced Polar F4 Heart Rate Monitor and other Polar models are rated high and come with just basic functions.

2. Higher Rated Watches

The more technical features you want in an electronic sports watch are found in higher rated watches that cost more. The Garmin Forerunner 405 ($300) features measurements of time, distance, speed, heart rates, and how many calories you burned. It is includes a GPS (Global Positioning System). The NordicTrack CardioTrack Combo Heart Rate Monitor Watch costs a little less, at $190, and it includes a timer, a stopwatch, and a heart rate monitoring system (plus or minus the chest strap).

3. Strapless Pedometers

Strapless calorie counter pedometer watches are hooked onto the waistband of your pants instead of being worn on the wrist. A basic function model has a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), the Pedometer Walking Step Calorie Counter Watch. It costs only about $8. If you want a higher model you can get the Highgear VIA FM Radio Pedometer, which has a calorie counter, a watch, and a stopwatch or chronograph. It costs about $30. No matter what type of calorie counter watch you want to use, the important thing is to keep moving to burn those excess calories. It is best to use the device as a guide and motivation for you to push yourself harder in reaching your goals and to reward yourself with the satisfaction of achieving health.

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