Bikini Wax

A bikini wax is a necessary part of summer. Most often, you may have considered shaving or hair removal creams. However, these options do not help to keep unwanted hair from sprouting after a short period.

Your best option, to ensure smooth skin, to go with that bikini body, is to consider a bikini wax. This type of wax ensures that hair takes longer to grow and you can sport your bikini body without worrying about unwanted hair. If you really did not wish for hair at all, you could consider a Brazilian wax, which ensures that there is no hair at all in your pubic area.

Types of Bikini Wax

A bikini wax can be a painful process. This requires the application of hot wax on the pubic area and the strategic placement of strips of cloth to the wax. Then it is pulled on so that any unwanted hair comes off onto the strips of cloth by the roots.

Bikini wax also has a few types. Do you know the difference of regular bikini wax vs brazilian one? Being informed about these types can help you make your mind up about which one you would prefer.

  • Regular Bikini Wax. This bikini wax can be considered for the first time or if you are just considering a clean-up. This type only removes the hair that is outside the panty line.
  • Full Bikini Wax. This type is an ideal one if you wish for hair, but want a little more defined and neater look. This means deeper removal of the hair on the sides and top so that your pubic area is a well-defined triangular shape.
  • French Bikini Wax. This type leaves a small strip of hair and does not take off the hair in your back. This can be done when you want the majority of your pubic hair gone, leaving only a thin strip behind and in front.
  • Brazilian Bikini Wax. The Brazilian bikini wax is for those of you who wear thongs. This takes off all the hair on the front and back leaving your pubic area with only a fine sprinkling of hair. Sometimes, though, some Brazilian waxes leave a small triangle or “landing strip” in front.
  • Hollywood Bikini Wax. This bikini wax ensures a smooth pubic area with absolutely no hair at all. This is for those who prefer having no hair at all in their pubic area. It is not something that should be tried as an introduction to bikini waxing. The Hollywood should be considered once you have done a few other types of bikini waxes

Watch a video for some basic information of Bikini Waxing as well as some precautions:

Watch a video to learn how to do a Brazilian Waxing at home:

How to Prepare for Bikini Wax

The preparation for your first bikini wax takes a lot of guts and thoughtfulness. The first option to consider is the person who conducts the bikini wax. Making sure it is a licensed professional will help make the process of waxing much smoother and prevent unnecessary problems. Other considerations include:

  • Staying away from the sun 24 hours prior to waxing as the pain of sunburn or other skin irritation may become worse with the application of hot wax.
  • Consider waxing your pubic area a week or two after menstruation as this increases your pain threshold.
  • Consider waxing early in the day. Avoid afternoon or evening waxing as oil and other substances could have built up on the skin.
  • Exfoliate the bikini area before the waxing as this softens the hair follicles reducing the pain.
  • Consider taking an anti-inflammatory medication half an hour before the waxing appointment to reduce pain.
  • Numb the area with a topical solution containing lidocaine. But beware of allergic reactions and follow instructions carefully during application.

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